What's Going on at Between Waters

What's Going on at Between Waters?

Change Log:

September 30, 2002: Between Waters moved to a different hosting service. At the same time, I reorganized the files to make things simpler for me (and, I hope, keep things about the same for you). All functionality should be at least as good as it was before the move.

October 14, 2002: Added the Coin Game to Probability Games.

October 16, 2002: Added the Etc. section as a catch-all for sundry odds and ends. The first entries are some night sky photos and a table of annual rainfall amounts for U.S. States.

October 23, 2002: Fixed a filename issue that was causing errors for some users accessing the Rainfall by States page.

October 24, 2002: Found and fixed some Netscape problems in Dice Roll and the Night Sky Photos. (These problems involved two issues: one with qualifying object names in JavaScript and the other with using spaces in filenames.) Also, added Poetry 180 to the Favorite Links page.

October 28, 2002: Added some Nashua River Rail Trail photos to the Etc. section.

November 4, 2002: Installed updated version of Tic-Tac-Toe. Its moves are now less predictable.

November 8, 2002: Modified cryptograms to combine year and month in one drop-down selection. This makes it easier to see which months have cryptograms.

November 13, 2002: Cleaned up the interactive cryptogram script to make it 30% smaller with (I hope) no change in functionality.

November 27, 2002: Added the solitaire game Gaps.

December 29, 20002: Added an index.html file to each directory. This eliminates Error 403: Directory index forbidden. See further information under Resovled Issues.

January 4, 2003: Fixed interactive cryptogram to use the correct month.

January 28, 2003: Added the Listen In section of the site.

March 5, 2003: Modified interactive cryptogram format to fit the screen better in some environments.

March 7, 2003: Added a link for the old version of the interactive cryptogram (since the new one is worse in some environments).

May 29, 2003: Added historical statistics to Tic-Tac-Toe.

June 1, 2003: Added historical statistics to Probability Games.

June 5, 2003: Added historical scores to Gaps.

June 9, 2003: Added reporting to Gaps.

June 11, 2003: Added Probability Results Report.

June 13-14, 2003: Modified the Motels application so that it should work (more or less) even if your browser does not cache the images. Also began capturing historical data for Motels (but not yet displaying those data).

June 19, 2003: Modified the Motels application to allow display of historical data.

June 19, 2003: Modified Gaps to create a new game only if it cannot find an unplayed game that has been previously saved.

June 29, 2003: Installed Hangman.

July 7, 2003: Modified Hangman to use local timezone when determining the day.

July 9, 2003: Fixed bug in Gaps Report that prevented you from seeing multiple screens of results for a single top scorer.

July 16, 2003: Modified Gaps so that if the name of the high scorer is blank and you match the high score, you can enter your name as high scorer. Unfortunately, I also accidentally wiped out the names of all high scorers.

July 16, 2003: Saved a copy of the old Gaps scores and then reset the scores to zero. Also, fixed a bug that prevented a perfect score of 48 from being recorded in the database.

August 28, 2003: Added Master Mind.

February 14, 2004: Fixed Master Mind explanation to properly explain feedback.

August 18-31, 2005: Added daily sudoku (interactive and printable) and the sudoku solver. Fixed broken "End of the Internet" link.

September 2, 2005: Added the Trick Donkey puzzle.

October 28, 2005: Reworked date handling in interactive sudoku so there is only one 30th of October rather than two.

January 1, 2006: Added page about weekly games night in Nashua.

February 6, 2006: Updated feedback rules in Master Mind.

November 5-7, 2006: Several programs were broken (I think because of a change to the webserver). I fixed the interactive Sudoku. I fixed Gaps and the Gaps reporting function (also making a couple of speed improvements in those applications). I fixed the Trick Donkey application.

June 29, 2007: Put Hangman on a rotating four-year cycle. (No new puzzles will be added.)

July 19, 2007: Added beta version of Tic-Tac-Toe that allows you to play as X or O.

July 30, 2007: Put Sudoku on a rotating two-year cycle.

August 1, 2007: Modified Dice Roll to support three dice. Added Results button to Trick Donkey.

August 2, 2007: Fixed a problem in the Gaps result report. It would not display more than 100 rows of results if the player's name had a space in it.

August 19, 2007: Fixed a problem that might have caused corrupt data when rolling three dice. Reset data for three dice.

September 2, 2007: Added art puzzles.

October 24, 2007: Fixed display of Session data in Dice Roll.

December 1, 2008: Started new daily cryptograms.

February 1, 2008: Created tool (for my own use, primarily) to display cryptograms quotes by author.

February 15, 2009: Changed all versions of cryptogram to use Server-Side Includes (SSIs). This makes maintenance easier.

February 16, 2009: Modified Gaps report to handle player names that contain an apostrophe.

May 12, 2009: Dice Roll: The count for the value 2 with two dice rolled had become corrupted in the database. I reset the database for all rolls with two dice to the values saved on May 3, 2009.

May 18, 2009: Fixed bug in newer version of Tic-Tac-Toe that was allowing user to get three in a row. Reset historical counts to all zeros.

May 23, 2009: Data for Coin Flip, Monty Hall, Key Game, and Coin Game had become corrupted in the database. I reset the database for these applications to the values saved on May 3, 2009.

May 28, 2009: Fixed (another) bug in newer version of Tic-Tac-Toe that was allowing user to get three in a row. Reset historical counts to all zeros.

Resolved Issues

Broken animation. In some games, animation wasn't working for me. I fixed this by changing the Temporary Internet Files settings in Internet Explorer. I changed it to check for newer versions of stored pages automatically rather than on every visit to the page.

Window size. Some users have reported that the interactive cryptogram no longer fits within a window after they upgrade to Windows XP. You might need to increase the screen area in your display settings. You might also need to close any pane that appears on the side of the main window. The format change of March 5, 2003 might also help this problem.

Error 403: Directory index forbidden. This error occured if you entered a directory name (like www.betweenwaters/solo) into your browser. Now each directory has an index.html file that is invoked instead. Typically the index.html file automagically takes you to the main file for that directory.

Wrong cryptogram month. The interactive cryptogram was displaying February puzzles in January.

Open Issues

Animation does not work well on Windows XP with Internet Explorer Version 6. The browser does not cache the images correctly.

To Report Problems

If you find something else that doesn't work right (or you have any insights into the issues mentioned above), please send me email:


Thank you for your support.

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